A Letter from Verathon President

Verathon has established a leadership position in the medical device industry with our two flagship products, BladderScan® and GlideScope®. Maintaining this leadership position requires us to not only reflect upon our history, but also to think about and prepare for the future.

It is our ability to consistently challenge ourselves to innovate and deliver high quality products and service to our customers which sets us apart from our competitors. I believe this is what truly makes Verathon unique. You can see it in our view of today’s changing healthcare industry, in the customer focused approach we’re taking to solving its challenges, and in our vision of where things are headed.

Verathon’s Mission

Empowering health care providers to deliver trusted and enduring solutions that improve and extend life.

Verathon is a global medical device company focused on supporting our customers by being their trusted partner, delivering high-quality products that endure over time and ensure clinical and economic utility.  Two areas where we have significantly impacted patient care—and become the market leader in each—are bladder volume measurement and airway management. Our BladderScan portable ultrasound and GlideScope video laryngoscopy systems effectively addressed unmet needs for healthcare providers and significantly raised the standard of care for patients. With each successive product release, we continue to set a new standard of excellence.

From the very earliest days of Verathon, what has guided the development of our solutions—and the industry-leading service behind them—is, of course, our customers. Doctors and nurses who demand durable and effective tools that can be trusted as they care for patients. Biomedical technicians who have to ensure that a hospital’s staff has reliable, serviced equipment at the ready. Administrators making investments that need to address economic as well as clinical needs.  For every new product that we look to bring to market, our number-one criteria is always “Will it empower health care providers to deliver trusted and enduring solutions that improve and extend life?”

It is also our employees who make Verathon an industry leader. I have worked with many great people, but I must say Verathon employees are unique because their innovation and drive aligns with large global medical device companies, but they still maintain the forward-thinking creativity and passion found in smaller organizations. Our employees aspire to live up to our corporate values every day. It is this commitment to excellence that enables our success to continue year over year.

Verathon’s Values


Working together with key external and internal stakeholders to achieve mutually beneficial solutions, by sharing knowledge and building consensus.


Upholding the highest promise to excellence, quality and value creation in everything that we do, with discipline to one’s obligations, responsibilities and partnerships.


Supporting a broad perspective of thought, drawing from a variety of sources and backgrounds, and representative of patient and customer needs from around the world.


Developing original and important solutions, which address unmet or underserved  needs of our customers and improve the quality of life for the patients we collectively serve.


Building an open, honest and caring working environment that inspires trust with our customers, partners and employees.

Over the past decade, the landscape of healthcare has begun a dramatic shift that we believe will only accelerate, and whose effects across the care ecosystem are already profound. An aging population and increasing incidence of acute and chronic diseases will place unprecedented demands on the provision of healthcare, and providers are looking for more effective and efficient solutions. From consolidation of the healthcare continuum to a constant need to do more with less, we are seeing the effect on hospitals across the country and the globe.

As our customers face this increasing pressure to deliver better economic outcomes while they strive to improve patient care, we are ready. At Verathon, our goal is to be the trusted partner that delivers high-quality products that endure over time, that excel in clinical safety and efficacy, and that help hospitals achieve maximum economic utility. We see proof that it is working today, in the trust that healthcare providers place in our solutions. We also see the opportunity it provides—both for our customers and for Verathon—as we work to find answers to tomorrow’s new challenges.

It is a privilege to lead a company that has the people, products and vision to lead in a new world with real solutions, and that continues to help millions of patients worldwide.


— Earl Thompson, President