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American College of Physicians - Internal Medicine
April 10 - 12
Orange County Convention Center
Booth # 458
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AVL Preterm/Neonatal

AVL Single Use Neonatal/Small Child
Available in four sizes for your smallest patients
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GlideScope® AVL Reusable

The GlideScope AVL Reusable video laryngoscope system delivers the digital video technology and functionality physicians expect from advanced video laryngoscopy−now in 4 reusable sizes. When users need to get a tube placed quickly, they can count on the AVL Reusable to provide a consistently clear, real-time view of the airway, enabling quick intubation.


  • Ideal for difficult and unpredictable airways; convenient for routine airways 
  • Provides a consistently clear view, enabling quick intubation in unpredictable conditions
  • Operational in seconds
  • Optimized for demanding OR, ED, and ICU settings
  • Four reusable size options for infant to morbidly obese patients
  • Advanced reusable video laryngoscope, video technology, and design
  • New real-time snapshot and video recording directly to a USB flash drive captures details of difficult intubations and helps confirm tube placement
  • Onboard "4-Step Technique" video tutorial to assist in training staff
  • Easy to use, learn, and teach

What's New

Thinner. Tougher.

GlideScope Titanium.

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Cobalt Tabs

AVL Reusable Tabs

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