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American College of Physicians - Internal Medicine
April 10 - 12
Orange County Convention Center
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Airway Management
Glide Scope

Airway Management and Evaluation

The GlideScope Cobalt AVL offers an onboard video tutorial to help train staff.

Establishing and maintaining airway control is central to clinical care.

Airway management is complicated by factors-such as patient size and weight, and anatomical anomalies-that clinicians must overcome. That's why reliable, practical airway tools for a wide range of circumstances are so important.

GlideScope® video laryngoscopes are designed for 1st Pass Success. They provide a clear, real-time view of the airway, enabling fast intubations.

With configurations designed for a wide range of patients, GlideScope® video laryngoscopes provide the right airway management tool for patients from preterm to morbidly obese.

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